You can add on a Casmara Mask to pretty much any service except any PCA Facail or PCA Peel. This mask is actually able to completely cover your entire face reaching the areas that are sometimes missed with product, eyes and mouth. You do have the option to leave eyes or mouth uncovered if you wish. Another amazing benefit is that mask lowers your skin temperature which helps improve the general appearance of your skin and helps with redness. While the mask sits relax with a leg/foot, hand/arm, and scalp massage. This is the ultimate service for relaxation and to improve your skin at the same time.

The Casmara Mask will be chosen at your appointment and be directed towards your skin type, condition, and what needs you have for your skin. There are many I get to choose from to customize your service. 

Casmara Masks are a $15 add on. Pictures can be found on my facebook page: or on my Instagram: